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The Planetarium team is pleased to welcome you with an unequalled projection quality thanks to our new equipment with laser technology.

To answer the sanitary measures related to Covid-19:

  • The exact number of people must be given at the time of reservation (04 77 33 43 01). Reservation is required.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel will be provided at both entrances to disinfect hands and must be used before entering the Planetarium.
  • The time interval between sessions is increased to avoid the crossing of arriving and departing spectators.
  • The air in the room is permanently renewed at 100% (no recycling).
  • Disinfection of handles, ramps, etc. between each session.
  • Disinfection of the projection room every day.

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*Our new projection equipment

Information and reservation at 04 77 33 43 01, from Monday to Friday: from 9am to 12.30pm and from 1.30pm to 5pm.

A Planetarium…

How does it work ?

In the Saint-Etienne Planetarium, under its dome, which can be seen from afar, there is a projection room with a half-sphere screen measuring over 200 square meters.

This place is made for you to make the beauty and mysteries of the starry sky and the universe accessible and understandable.

Comfortably installed in your armchair, you will follow a session divided into two highlights with a total immersion in the image! For even more realism, you can see in relief with 3D glasses! The film « fulldome » followed by the presentation of the sky in real time by the Planetarium’s animator, will take you to the farthest reaches of space with immersive and striking 3D effects.

The system is fully computerized and has an astronomical database that can be navigated. It includes, among other things, all the planets, satellites and small bodies of the solar system and over 100,000 stars.

The simulator is constantly updated for even more realistic and spectacular effects, such as the possibility of faithfully representing galaxies, nebulae, exoplanets, polar auroras, eclipses, the environment of a black hole, the earth’s atmosphere…

The programming of the system by our scientific mediators ensures quality presentations adapted to all.

A Planetarium…

For whom ?

No need to be an enthusiast or a specialist, just curious, you are welcome to travel in space and time!

At the Saint-Etienne Planetarium, you can discover the sky and space in a playful and intelligent way.

People come here, alone, as a couple, as a family, during their schooling, with their leisure center, in a private session…

It is easier to understand the movement of celestial objects throughout the year, the constellations, the planets…

You can better understand the place and fragility of the Earth and life in the Universe.

You can discover a theme by travelling in space and time, comfortably installed in an armchair.

A Planetarium in Saint-Étienne …

Since when ?

The Saint-Etienne Planetarium was created in 1993 as part of a major project to rehabilitate the former Manufrance site.

A showcase for Saint Etienne’s technical and technological expertise, the Planetarium has always been innovative.

It is appreciated and recognized by the public and other planetariums for the quality of its animations and the films it produces (25 in 26 years).

After being the first digital planetarium in 2003 with an immersive video projection and a spectacular real-time simulator, in 2012 the Saint-Etienne Planetarium became the first 3D planetarium in France.

Before or after the session, in our exhibition hall, we offer you a theme. This year, the planet Mars (from the first instrumental observations to space probes) is in the spotlight.


Public sessions

For a little over an hour, comfortably installed under the 200 square meters hemispherical screen, you will follow a session which includes:

  • The broadcasting of an immersive film in synthetic images (possibly in 3D) lasting about 30 minutes.
  • The intervention of a scientific mediator for more than 30 minutes.

All media are used to take you on a spectacular way to discover space.

In 2021, the replacement of the projection equipment will allow for an even more spectacular realism and immersion experience! The Planetarium team is pleased to welcome you with an unequalled projection quality thanks to our new equipment with laser technology.

The film presents an astronomical theme, the details of which you will find in the presentation sheets.

The animator’s intervention allows you to discover the starry sky and to deepen the theme of the film.

There is also time for discussion with the audience.

Thanks to the English version of the headphones, you will be able to fully enjoy the film being shown.

Our sessions are not suitable for children under 5 years old.

The minimum age recommended corresponds to the age supposedly necessary to find an interest in the subject of the film.

We advise you to arrive at the reception desk 15 minutes before the start of the screening.

It is not possible to enter the room during a session that is in progress.

You can find the film program by clicking here.


The prices below are for one planetarium session only.

Standard sessions

8,20 €: Full tariff

6,30 €: Reduced tariff (Groups of 10 or more, under 25 years old, large families, RSA, disabled persons on presentation of proof.)

3D sessions

10,80 €: Full tariff

8,60 €: Reduced tariff (Groups of 10 or more, under 25 years old, large families, RSA, disabled persons on presentation of proof.)

In a nutshell

Phone :  +33 (0)4 77 33 43 01
Email address:

Address: 28 rue Pierre et Dominique Ponchardier – Espace Fauriel – 42100 Saint-Étienne

Switchboard hours: From Monday to Thursday: 9am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 5pm

By car:

By motorway from Lyon and Firminy-Le Puy: Exit n°21 “Le Rond-Point” and follow the signs “Espace Fauriel / Centre de Congrès / Planétarium”.

Public Transport:

Nearest stops: “Centre de Congrès“ on line M6 and “Résidence Guinard“ on line M2.

Air-conditioned room – People with reduced mobility (2 wheelchair spaces) – Lift Store